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Parent Coaching and Counseling Services

Parent Coaching and Instruction

ICCFS therapists provide parent coaching using EBP’s to educate parents-Triple P and PCIT principles are taught and we practice the skills during the visitation sessions. In addition we provide parent instruction using EBP-Love and Logic or PET to provide education when families need additional support.



Father Engagement Training

This 24-hour training is designed to provide fathers with information about the child welfare systems, the courts, child support, and to increase parenting skills. Our goal is to engage the fathers of children who are placed in out of home care and to increase the father’s involvement in the lives of their children.

The training will address the following:

  • Father as planner/understanding child welfare

  • Father as provider(child support)

  • Fathers as safe and sane(mental health services and counseling)

  • Father as clean and sober

  • Father as nonviolent partner(DV issues)

  • Father as parent (Co parenting whether living/mother or not)

Professional Counseling Services:

  • In Home Counseling

  • Child Abuse Issues- emotional, physical, sexual abuse , and neglect issues

  • At-Risk-Youth – gangs, suicide, runaway, and anti-social behaviors

  • Anger Management

  • Family / Domestic Violence

  • Home Maintenance- environmental

  • Substance abuse- Drug and alcohol certified therapists

  • Individual/ Family Counseling

  • Community Resources Development Support



Evidence Based Trauma Interventions 

Our therapists provide evidence and cultural specific interventions. They are highly skilled and trained in providing culturally modified trauma focused interventions:

  • Parent Child Cognitive Behavioral approach for Children and Families (CPC-CBT)

  • Culturally Modified Trauma-Focused Therapy (CM-TFT)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

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